Terms and Conditions for The Showroom Ltd


Personal information collected (address details, billing information, email addresses, telephone numbers) will not be disclosed to other companies or organizations outside The Showroom Ltd. This information is used to complete purchases and personal information provided by customers will be held securely.

Your personal email information may also be used to keep you informed of special offers, new collections and Showroom events which may be of interest. By providing your email, it authorizes The Showroom Ltd and/or the Showroom stylist to email you information and promotional material. If you do not wish to receive emails from The Showroom Ltd please inform your Showroom stylist at the time of ordering or email info@showroom.org.nz directly.

Secure payments

Prices are in New Zealand Dollars and include GST. The Showroom Ltd accepts cash, cheque and internet banking transfers as acceptable methods of payment.

In addition The Showroom Ltd provides a safe and secure method of taking credit and debit card payments (Visa and Mastercard credit and debit cards). The Showroom Ltd representatives use PayClip or FastPay which are portable card readers. The card’s details are not stored on either the devices nor on the smart-phone / tablet of the Showroom stylist. All transaction data is encrypted and payments are processed in real-time.


Ordered items will be delivered by a Showroom representative to the host of the Showroom event through which items were ordered. The host will determine an acceptable delivery process such as delivery to the host directly or packages being left in a place determined suitable and safe by the host themselves.


Please choose items carefully as once an item has been ordered, it cannot be cancelled. Refunds will only be given for faulty or damaged goods that cannot be replaced with the same product. For any faulty or damaged goods please make contact with the Showroom stylist directly with explanation for reason of return in order to enable possible exchange or refund and to arrange return of the faulty or damaged goods (with the original packaging) within three weeks from delivery to the host.

Health & Safety

The health & safety law (H&S) in relation to The Showroom Ltd concerns proactively identifying and managing risks so everyone (stylist, host and attendees) is safe. Specifically for all attending the Showroom this includes:
  • Being aware of risk of slips and trips within a host’s home (objects on floors, wet floors, uneven surfaces, invisible slopes etc)
  • Being aware of pets within a host’s home
  • Being aware of safe handling and moving of Showroom goods
  • Keeping areas tidy and free from obstruction
  • Avoiding trailing cables / power cords

Philosophy: Showroom is an environmentally conscious business, reusing general items and packaging whenever possible and recycling what can’t be used again.